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When I was twentyfive, twentysix… when I really started to create cool things I definitely wanted to become a designer. It was almost impossible because the dream was so big… that I didn‘ t see any chance.

I was living in a little town, was working as a salesmen and when I finally broke away from my first job to become a designer I thought: „well, now I may have a little bit of a chance!“ All I really wanted to is… design.

At that time in Europe in the early 90ies there were so many fashion designers. So I would take my car to go to new alternative stores all around Europe and represented my cloth… maybe 30 minutes. I think I had about 7 or 8 pieces. I was partially sleeping in my car because I didn‘t want to drive home. That helped me for about almost 2 years to survive in the beginning. I wanted to make a real cool collection with the inspiration of the seventies, the eighties, the nineties and the inspiration of the future! I said:“ hey wait a second… I know the washing procedure which is the inspiration of the future.“ I really did not have any idea what to do with the washing. But I only knew that I needed a new experimantal vintage look so I put individuality with the handmade dyeing on every piece of my new collection! My collection was born and they loved it… We Love Giorgio… W.L.G.!

My name is Giorgio Braschi, but everybody calls me… Giorgio!

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