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Giorgio Braschi, the Italian designer was born in Bologna in 1967; his family has always been in involved in the production of leather garments. Initially, his business consisted of producing technical performance motorbike jackets in leather; later this evolved into production for prêt à porter collections and gave rise to his consuming and ongoing passion for fashion.

In 2001 he had the winning idea of fusing the luxury of leather with fashion style to create a collection of high quality dyed leather garments. Research and the techniques of craftmanship workings enabled him to create special items of clothing and accessories in softest nappa leather.

The craftsmanship aspect of the designer’s production endows the collection with a refined look and a lived-in feel. Each garment is unique and is distinguished by its original lines and shapes, which when combined with special washing techniques create jackets, bags and shoes each with an individual look. Each Giorgio Brato item in leather is special and once worn continues to adapt to the body becoming a second skin.

Today Giorgio Brato is recognised as a brand of international renown. The production process for his garments remains linked to the tradition of craftsmanship preserving the quality and style which single out the true Made In Italy. Notwithstanding the fact that the brand may appear small compared to other well-known and historically established brands, Giorgio Brato has successfully promoted his brand in the most demanding circles of the fashion system thanks to a simple and direct message: the emotion felt when wearing his clothes.

The Milanese showroom is in the heart of Milan´s fashion district at n.1 Via Bezzecca and is furnished in perfect synergy with the designer ´s philosophy uniting almost to the point of fusion, the retro style typical of the bohemian atmosphere of Parisian salons together with old walls created using untreated bricks typical of the purest New York Meatpacking District style.

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